Artist’s Statement

It is my belief that art in all its forms is essential to our humanity, as is the air we breathe, the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the dwellings we inhabit! Our time and place is here and now, yet we have some knowledge of the past, along with our cautious hopes for the future. We each have much to learn from the past, but I believe it is the calling of all artists to present their visions for each of us to see and ponder their relevance.

These visions, be they images, dances, plays or poetry, stories or the sounds of distant drums and voices, carry within them the essence of our reason for living, and have always done so. It is the job of viewers to be open to the messages, however subtle or strong, and to consider their importance in their lives.

My visual images are an effort to call upon my unique memories, skills and experiences, the worlds of man-made and natural phenomena and to formulate compositions that speak to the viewers inner longing for understanding of our place and time here on earth.

I prefer to with with mixed media and acrylics on panels, paper or canvas, often involving photo or digital imagery, fabrics, papers and words. My love for maps, old and new, are also a way to provide something of time and place so bits and pieces are somewhat evident. I also have a great love for the calligraphic brush stroke, as well as expressive drawn line, providing energy and life to my work. Abstraction and design elements are where I find the greatest satisfaction, especially when I am able to unite the “essence” of the work with its imagery. Mostly, I quietly delight in the process.

~ Robert D. Alspach